King size Bed

Material: Teak Wood

Dimensions: H 27.55 x W 73.2 x D 80.5(all dimensions in inches)

The designs represent the ideals of cutting excess, practicality and an absence of decoration.

Rs. 50,000 Order Now

Queen Bed

Material: Teak wood

Dimensions: H 21.6 x W 64.6 x D 80.3(all dimensions in inches)

These designs are crafted for compact homes, the range is clean and convenient. Designed to seamlessly blend with your interiors.

Rs. 40,000 Order Now

Single Bed

Material: Teak wood

Dimensions: H 38 x W 40 x D 83.5(all dimensions in inches)

Made with uniform bands of Teak wood,the collection breaks away from the monotony of flat surfaces to create a dynamic effect.

Rs. 20,000 Order Now

Bunk Bed

Material: Teak wood

Dimensions: H 59.3 X W 34.3 X D 90.3(all dimensions in inches)

Each piece of furniture is carefully designed to suit the needs of your kids, with a paletteof colours that appeal to all age groups.

Rs. 30,000 Order Now
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K. V Chakri Wood Works

K. V Chakri Wood works believe in doing things right the first time, being the easiest company in the industry to do business with, and delivering your products complete, correct, and on-time. The teams are expert designing wide range of building types, from schools and residential, to commercial.

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