Wooden Wall and Celing

Wooden Walls in Living room

Material: Oak Wood

A living room accent wall in wood is a great way to bring in both visual and textural contrast without altering the existing style, color scheme or theme of the space in a drastic fashion.

Rs. 50 per Square Feet Order Now

Wooden Walls in Cafe

Material: Teak wood

The back wall is lined with weathered planks of reclaimed wood, which add a sense of warmth as well as provide sound absorption.

Rs. 50 per Square Feet Order Now

Wooden Ceiling in Kitchen

Material: Teak wood

The wood ceiling that is combined with classy lighting looks so perfect.The lighting is designed so unique and unusual.

Rs. 100 per Square feet Order Now

Wooden Ceiling in Bed room

Material: Rose wood

This ceiling design is perfect for a bedroom where the interiors are kept subtle and the light is kept dim for a relaxing effect.

Rs. 90 per Square feet Order Now
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